About Us


To provide enthusiastic, competent, committed healthcare professionals to healthcare organizations to deliver excellent quality services.


To become one of the leading nursing agencies of choice both locally and nationally.


Commitment to quality of Care
Caring with a smile
Collaborative working

Wyfield HealthCare 16

Who are we?

Wyefield is a nursing and healthcare recruitment agency based in the United Kingdom, designed to find appropriate nursing and healthcare assistants for healthcare organizations and to meet a variety of care needs utilizing a person-centered approach.

The management team at Wyefield has in-depth knowledge and experience in the speciality areas that our staff will be supplied to. They understand the challenges and hardships that healthcare organisation faces in ensuring services are adequately staffed.

Why Choose Us


We have reliable, punctual, flexible healthcare personnel at your disposal

High Skill

We have professional personnel with all the required skills to take care of you.


We have dedicated healthcare personnel at your disposal.

Proper Care

We have caring and compassionate personnel who treat patients with respect and dignity.


Doing our best every day, to take care of you!

We value the provision of high-quality care, and this is possible through our staff’s commitment and passion in providing great care to our clients.

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